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My First Steps In Faith

My First Steps in Faith

When I first came to faith in Jesus, I was very young. A child at the time, I heard one unifying message no matter where I lived all preaching this gospel. Invite Jesus into your heart, and you will be saved from the condemnation of your soul in hell. Repent and believe in Jesus and you’ll go to heaven, amen. Worship team, come lead us in a song. Oops, I forgot an altar call!… this was the message. Escape hell with Jesus. After learning to walk with the lord for over two decades now, God has made this reality far more complicated than simply avoiding hell. In fact, I’ve been faced with several hellish situations in my life. Is it because I wasn’t truly saved and need to recommit my life to the lord? Maybe…or is it because this message is too simplistic. I think it’s the latter my friends. Our walk with Christ is far more grand than simply living a life under the protection of Jesus. If this was the message we received then it was incomplete. Walking with God, is extremely challenging and truly gets more and more challenging as Jesus shapes us and molds us into his image until he comes back. It’s a day in and day our relationship where we grow in a beautiful relationship living a life of ACTIVE FAITH in Jesus. This is him truly being our savior. Not just a one time salvation, but an active saving; shedding of ourselves and our desires for his and joy he has set before us.